Chevrolet Suburban

At Classic towncar service, we have a vehicle for all your needs. If you planning a relaxing long drive trip on the road, we have luxury cars for you to choose from. If you are planning a trip with a larger group of people, family or friends, and plan to go somewhere where there may be no tarmac roads or roads at all. We have you covered there as well. We have the latest and greatest Chevrolet suburban rental. The Chevrolet Suburban is regarded as one of the best go-anywhere vehicles. The all American Chevrolet Suburban has many features. It consolidates the utility of a truck, flexibility of an SUV and conveniences you would expect in a luxury vehicle.

The Chevrolet Suburban is furnished with the top of the tier V8 with mileage of 12 – 13 L/100km. Once you are in the Chevrolet Suburban, you are confident that you are in a rough and tough vehicle, which will take you anywhere you want to go with meeting all the needs of your family or friends. The Chevrolet Suburban can easily accommodate 7 to 8 passengers with enough luggage capacity of up to 6 large bags.

We at Classic towncar service, recommend the Chevrolet suburban rental if you are planning to take a large number of people on your trip. The Chevrolet Suburban is ready to go anywhere at any time of the year. You can simply take it on the long routes on tarmac roads or take a trip on the wild side and take it off-roading and go as the crow flies. You will have an immense amount of fun and joy on your trip without any compromises of seating capacity, luxury or safety. You will know that you are In a tough, rugged and with all that, a luxury vehicle which will not disappoint you.

The Chevrolet Suburban is a functioning vehicle Large Sporty Utility Vehicle, SUV, is ready to handle any trip you may have planned. The Suburban can be an incredible family rental. It has the roomiest and luxurious interior. You can seat up to 8 passengers in it and no one will complain about the legroom or the headroom of the vehicle. It has a big luggage capacity on top of this, which mean that you will not have to compromise much on what to bring and what to leave behind on your trip.

State of the art engineering and amazing features give the Chevrolet Suburban a desirable versatility. It is ready to go on a tough and rugged journey or a chic event, or anything in between. Following are some of the advantages of Chevrolet Suburban:

Full of safety features

The Chevrolet Suburban offers various safety features. Its solid build can deal with pretty much any climate conditions and with up to seven standard airbags, it is prepared in the event that anything goes wrong.

Reasonably roomy

Abundant leg and luggage room imply that you can get ready for any number of the journey, whether its rough and rugged trips, shopping sprees or sporting events. The seats can be set here and there effortlessly as per your requirements.